Randy Henderson
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"Surviving the eBookalypse" in Escape Pod

"The Most Epicly Awesomest Story! Ever!!" in Every Day Fiction

"A Witch’s Heart" in Realms of Fantasy, April 2011 issue.

"A Shelter for Living Things" in the M-Brane anthology 2020 Visions, edited by Rick Novy


I have recently completed work on a YA Fantasy novel and am currently working on Urban Fantasy and Epic Fantasy novels.


The following is a sampling of my non-fiction articles in Fantasy Magazine.


The Future of Speculative Fiction Magazines

Why We Need Scientist Heroes Again

Is It Science Fiction or Science Fantasy?

Augmented Reality: Now You Can See Like a Cyborg

Book Review: Canticle by Ken Scholes


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Punk’d – What is the Next Hot Trend?

Is Our Nation Safe From Terrorist Trolls?

How the World will End

Disastrous Genre Theme Parks

Fantasy Movie Music is Often Tragic not Magic

Annual Christmas/Holiday:

Scifi Christmas Classics

Holiday Gift Guide for the Fantasy Fan

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